4 Best Reasons to Include Chatbot in your business Strategy

Are you involved with customer service and communication space? You might have been interacting with the brands through email, Snapchat or Twitter but one of the most advanced and exciting services is “Chatbot”.

Description of Chatbot

Chatbots are computer programs that are designed to stimulate conversation with people using artificial intelligence. For business, Chatbots are using the power to allow customers interacting with many brands. Although Chatbots had been invented before a decade but brands have recently learned how to effectively use these Chatbots for their business. Many multinational companies have already included them to sort out their customer queries, produce new sales lead, and simplify the sales process.




Now you must have understood why using Chatbots are necessary. It has several more advantages to using for business. Some of those are-

  •   Chatbots are updating with the latest trend of the market.
  •   Chatbots are cheaper and faster than the live agents.
  •   Chatbots can incorporate the visual media.
Why Adding Chatbots in your business strategy?

Adding Chatbots in your business strategy would definitely introduce you to many benefits. I have collected some of the best reasons that strengthen you to include Chatbots in your business strategy.

1: It Generates a Consumer Resource

You might see Chatbots are easy to handle but they are actually smart enough. They only remember those records which user tell them. As an example, consider a weather Chatbot which is itself designed to answer the customer’s question by the use of user’s zip code. With this zip code, users can ask the bot about their queries and would also get the information relevant to their specific location. The customer gets an immediate response because of pre-programmed logic.


2: Boost the Social Media Engagement

Facebook has said Chatbot would definitely change the way of business to communicate with their customers but would the businesses leave their important interaction with the customer in the hand of artificial intelligence? But the company has announced also that they are allowing brands to start using Chatbot. As it’s not only the way to help brand for achieving better sales but also a way to boost social media engagement. By deploying the Chatbots on Facebook, you would easily get the chance to attract more users to your business.


3: Consequence the Buying Decisions

Most of the business owners don’t have time to interact every customer and discuss them with several pieces of advice regarding the brand. Chatbots provided them a dynamic solution to that particular problem. The bot at a clothing retailer is the best example to discuss with. They started organizing quiz and interacted with the users in a manner to know about their style and looks. Then the Chatbot access the recommended outfits based upon the answers.

Buying-Decisions -of-Customers

4: Ease the Payment Service

There are two different things, first to try and get people to order food through Chatbot and the other thing is to make sure that customers show up and pay. With bot driven payment option, you can easily order the food and eat it too. Previously a new term has come into the market and that is Snapcash. It is simply a virtual valet which stores a user card detail and also allows the user to send money off to colleagues or brands with a simple message.



As the technology updates always and big brands continue to add more feature into the Chatbot. If you are willing to add the Chatbot in your business strategy then never forget to do the latest research. The above tips are the best advantages of using Chatbot for business. Do some brainstorming about how your customer can benefit from your services.

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