Chatbots are considered as more human

5 Reasons to opt for Chatbots Now

Our world is in an urge of development. Have you ever thought why suddenly all the focus are stuck with a single term “Chatbots”? Have you ever tried one of them to solve your problems? It looks like Chatbots have still not won the exact place in our lives. We are present here to discuss them as we want to you to adopt them as many people out there have already aboard. Don’t be the last one to jump into that.

The moment you will understand the reason why you require them, just start exploring the way how you are able to use one to make improvements for your business.


1. Bots are the future. Be the first one to adopt them


The world is on the verge of adoption of changes. Till now we are just knowing about the tip portion of an iceberg, the whole beneath portion has to be found. And this search is going to change the communication level of the world.       


Artificial Intelligence Global Yearly Financing History


Till now, the cases which are already used has been modified to the new interface but the actual innovation will be made when a new reality will be innovated from these already used cases. The sooner you become comfortable with these bots the better you will be prepared for them in the upcoming future use.

According, to Diffusion of Innovation theory it is said that when the customers adopt a new technology, the market share eventually reach to the saturation level that means that at that level this new technology is now common in the market and is you will join at that point then you will be surrounded by the people who have already used that. This is similar to the upliftment of social network that is Facebook and soon after the grand success of Facebook everyone gets involved in building the social networks, yet it was too late. So I suggest you not to be the last one to adopt the changes.   


2. Adoption of Messaging apps over social networks


An incredible thing has been noted with the recent stats. The latest stats indicate that we are on that level of the point where we prefer more to use the messenger apps than the social networks. And if I’m not wrong, we usually we prefer to chat on Skype or Slack with our contacts.   

We all are crazy about social media as it has taken the communication technique to a new level of interaction. We these connections now we want to get more personal once again. A chatbot can be used to build a major chat products like Slack or Facebook Messengers. And we all know that this is the place where people usually are active and also you would like to be in the same place where you are. Have a look below.


Messaging Apps have Surpassed Social Networks


3. Chatbots are considered as more human

Chatbots are considered as more human


If we consider the type of chatbots there are two types of chatbots unintelligent and an intelligent one. Unintelligent bots are the one who is responsible for acting using the flows written by the human and the intelligent bots are the one which uses the machine learning. You may read about these in details from our other posts on chatbots.

You are able to fill these chatbots with your brand’s identity, personality, make them speak with your users, change the input of these chatbots according to the input from the users.


4. Speak like a real human


Speak like a real human


Yes, this the truth, they interact like a real human or I must say better than the human users. Its interaction based on the technical command like “login”, “sign up”“download”, “fill in”, “click” and it lack social language such as “hello”, “please”, “what’s going on?”, etc. it prevents your valuable time by avoiding the bit longer conversations.

Also, I must say that yes, it has a great memory power, we as a human can forget some of the information whereas, Chatbots have huge memory power as they can never forget things after the certain level of time.


5. Chatbots are not expensive


If you wish to have one and the developers show you a huge check then just avoid those developers. Because it is not expensive. To build basic chatbot is fast and inexpensive.  Also, the maintenance cost is not expensive. Chatbots have fixed price.


Wrapping Words


The topic is so vast that we cannot discuss the whole in one. Hope I was able to help you out with some of the answers. We just need to consider that all the technologies are created by the humans to help you out in making your work easier.

So make sure that the Chatbots serve this purpose of their creation and present you a positive impact on their creation.  Follow our blog for more information.

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