6 Divine Rules For ChatBots Developers

In this new age of technology, we see ChatBots all over the place. For example Facebook Messenger and much more. ChatBots are mostly used to answering your customers’ questions or helping organization legal case. It is observed that 75 percent of smartphone users are spending their time on at least one messaging app. Today most of the companies are using messaging interface to interact with their customers. But company don’t understand the proper use of ChatBots and how to handle them. They needed to understand donuts and do of creating these digital helpers.

In this article, I will discuss some basic facts which are necessary while developing the chatBots fit your working process.

Be Clear with your ChatBots purpose

Before making the Bots you have to be clear about what your bot is, and also why you made it. so discuss with your team and make sure your ChatBots purpose is to communicate with your users. If you are changing the previous flow first explain it why? May this new process will save your time and provide better overall performance.

Use Information You Already Have

For making ChatBots for your purpose, You don’t need to start from the square one. If you find any Bots having the similar voice to your brand, you can make use marketing collectors as copy for your bot’s conversations. You can use information from the resource to allow your Bots to give quicker value. Don’t ask your users to enter their entries sales pipeline when you can just integrate with salesforce.

Avoid Context Switching, Especially During Onboarding

There will be a time when your entire onboarding flow cannot place inside of your chosen platforms. You need your user to link their account through third party service. In this situation, it is best to handle the authentication for your ChatBots while adding the bot to their messaging platforms before they begin interacting with it.

Minimize the Amount of Input required

Today human loves to shorten things. Even they make those thing shortened which don’t really need to be shortened. So don’t make your users type “YES” or “NO” when they could type “Y” or “N”. Anticipate and reduce the input.

Fail Gracefully and Proactively

Never want your user to reach at the end of the rope. Before that you offer them help. Sometimes Bots get failed to understand the words input by the users. At that time automatically give them help commands. And if from help option problem is not sorted out. Ask for the human assistance. This will help you to sort out the problem of your customer immediately.

Don’t Trouble Your Customer

People hate the person who gives some kind of trouble to them. Same in the case of business. Whoever is the Salesman or Electronic salesman. Always make sure every interaction of your Bots with you customer should be in a polite way. Because your Bot is representing your brand. Make sure to limit the notification, and if a customer stops responding try the different tactics.


In this new age of technology, most of the company are using ChatBots to make interaction with their customer. Because these Chatbots reduce the labor cost and solve the problem faster. But before introducing your ChatBots for your brand always make sure with the above-mentioned point. This will help you to create a Chatbots which help to boost your business.

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