6 Ways to Using ChatBots In Your Small Business

The way of marketing changes according to the change in marketing technology. Nowadays small business owners have many options to enhance their brand awareness. This year many businesses started using the new technology of business and that is Chatbots.

Chatbots have been around for decades, businesses have recently learned it how to effectively deploy them for business purpose.

Chatbots are the simple computer programs designed to mimic conversation with the help of artificial intelligence.

The question arise in your mind that how to handle these bots!!

You don’t have to be huge corporations in order to benefit from using chatbots. In this article, I will let you know what are the 6 ways to start with ChatBots. In order to boost your overall small business strategy.

Create a consumer resource

ChatBots seem simple but they are actually smart, chatbot remember all the data of the customers what they tell to them. They are not only used to give answers to customer questions, but it provides brands with crucial research data concerning the geographical spread if their target consumer base.

StreamLine Sales

ChatBots are not used only for passing information or gathering resource. They are also used for the direct influence cell. Fast-Food china Taco bell designs bots according to its need and they use these bots to automate the sales process. These bots show the customer a real restaurant and take oder in a quick message via messaging platform.

Online Oder Taken by ChatBots

Influencing Buying Decisions

In small business under a short period of time, you have to perform many tasks. So business owners and the staff members have not enough time to spend on individuals customers for the sales advice of their product which they deserve. In this case, ChatBots is the best options.

Online Shopping Through ChatBots

ChatBots provide dynamics solution to that problems. For example clothing retailer H&M is a prime example. ChatBots starts with asking users about their style, asking them to choose between the various look and much more. It provides customer with access to a curious, brand-drive sales advisor 24*7.

Answer Customers Queries

One of the simplest and most effective ways the small business can deploy chatbot in the form of customer care support. Customers appreciate those company who take fast action on customer queries. It quite times taking to reply through email or phone. so try loading chatbot up with all your most frequently asked question by your customer. So that customer can have their questions answered immediately, and you can use human for more critical work.

Boost Social Media Engagements

ChatBots not only help you to achieve good sales. They also help you to boost social media engagements. Deploying chatBots in different social media will help you to drive traffic to your product website.

Simplify Payments

ChatBots help you to make your payment option easy and secure. Your customer does not have to pass from difficult steps of payments. For example, Snapchats are using Snapcash chatBot which saves the card data of the users and allow users to send money to their friends and brands in a single message.

Payment Through Chatbots


In this cutting edge of technology for the better business experience, you have to upgrade yourself according to the technology change. Using chatBot for your business in one of them. ChatBots remove the burden of works and save your time for the other part of the business.

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