8 Reasons why Chatbots are the crazy demand of Today’s Era

8 Reasons why Chatbots are the crazy demand of Today’s Era

We all know that Chatbots are the software program which is integrated on a messaging app used to chat like your friend. The only difference which you will find is that it will be a computer with whom you will be chatting instead of human.

Chatbots have received a growing demand in the past few months by the companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. These are the companies which are investing millions of dollars in them. Have you ever thought Why?

Well, here I present you the reasons of this Why. Why have they become a big deal? Why are Chatbots the matter of concern for the companies who are interested in the customer’s success?


Reason #1


Craze of Messaging Apps

The total count of  messaging apps, monthly active users is more than 3 billion. Just focus on this stat. This stat is more than YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn  together. This count can let you know that you basically use the messaging apps to have a conversation with your family, relative, and friends. Messaging apps are in demand.


Reason #2


Push and pull concept


Push and pull concept


Let me first inform you about the push and pull concept. When Emails are pushed to those customers who don’t know when they will receive them is called as Push. So Email is denoted as Push medium.

Whereas, websites are termed as pull medium from where the contents are pulled through the web request. Chatbots have these features so they too are considered as push and pull. As you are able to broadcast messages to your customers when needed or customers can demand the contents just by mentioning simple queries.


Reason #3


Chatbots contents are easy to read

With this, I would like to inform you that the messages which you find on Chatbots are precise and to the point.  As the medium does not support the long-winded comprehension.  Hence, you can say that the contents are simply.


Reason #4


Chatbots contents are easy to write

As I mentioned in my previous para that the contents are easy to read then it is quite obvious that it should be easy to write too. The Chatbot message is usually in a single sentence and its articles include just some paras. And we all know that writing 50 words is much easier than writing 500 words.


Reason #5


No need to login to Chatbot


No need to login to Chatbot


Usually, people are asked to create an account or need to login if they need any kind of help but for Chatbot, there is no need to be logged in. These messaging apps know that who are you and you are able to share information with a bot.


Reason #6


For the people with disability

Chatbots are successfully able to help people with disabilities. We all know that attachment is the priority of every person so why this is not applicable for the people with disability. To overcome this Chatbots are applicable for internal communication.


For the people with disability


Reason #7


Read messages within minutes

It is found from a study that most of the messages are read in 3 minutes from the time your phone blink to show you the message notification but this not applicable for Emails and Websites, then can just dream of it . Have a look.


Read messages within minutes


Reason #8


No Internet required for Chatbots

Chatbots work with poor internet and also without the internet. You are able to send standard SMS which is available on every mobile phone.




  No Internet required for Chatbots

Over to you

These were some of the reasons why Chatbots are the crazy demand of today’s era. Hope you too find the same.

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