A Full Guide of ChatBots Used in the Case of Brands

A Full Guide of ChatBots Used in the Case of Brands

ChatsBots are designed to communicate between human and machine and they surely convey major changes to numerous client experience programs, particularly those offering business for social media network. Chatbot is used on any conversational stage and numerous organizations. The thought behind a visit bot is extremely straightforward and effective build up a bot which can answer a question or do managerial undertakings for your sake. They are various and from crosswise over classes.

In this article,I will let you know about the various bot used for different purposes.

Bot Used By Publisher


News Bot

These bots will send you personalized news and specific story from different websites in a private messenger message.

Sort Bot

This bot will help you to receive all the latest news related to sport. It also helps you to get live score of different sports.

Media & Entertainment


Painting Bot

It gives you access from to choose the picture which has to be access recently through your messenger app.

Movie Ticket Booking Bot

This Bot helps you to get all information about the ongoing movie, it shows time and nearest theater location.

Photo Editing Bot

This bot will help you to edit your picture in a messager chat before sharing it with your friends.

GIF and Video Chat

The bot will help people to search and create their own GIF image and send them to messenger friends.



Bot for Child Bot

This bot can answer a number of queries related to child health and give you clear information about symptoms.

Bot Used for e-commerce


Bot Used for Flower Request

This bot helps the client to send flower through messenger. The bot helps in live inquiries, make blessings recommendations, process arranges and sends shipping redesigns.

Bot used for Shopping

Allows individuals to find and buy, from the errand person visit, the items they are searching for, from sites everywhere throughout the world.

Individual Customer Bot

This bot solved the customer queries inside the company.



Health Bot

Answers Health related inquiries, and gives proposals from licensed specialists.

Climate Bot

Sends continuous neighborhood climate figures. The reports can be customized and individuals can get push warnings taking into account climate conditions changes.

Basic Need Bot

Helps clients choose and arrange staple goods for the week.

Life Guidance Bot

This bot is Similar to a web search engine, gives answers to particular life circumstances (e.g. changing a punctured tire,search flight tickets).

Cooking Bot

This Bot helps you to search good recipe for cooking .

Bot used in Travel


Bot used as a Flight Assistant

This bot will send your flight schedule – Ticket booking, registration warning, flight announcements – to clients.

Bot used for Booking

Allows individuals users to an inquiry, search, and help in ticket booking of flight or reservations.

Bot used for Railway

Gives railway data and let you know about the upgrades from a particular rail line organization or nation. It will naturally enhance client bolster administrations amid occupied times.

Bot used for Taxi Booking

This bot arranges a ride with most loved taxi supplier or a bigger scope of organizations.

Bottom Line

Chatbots are made to help in your different field of business. It saves you time and you can put human for the more critical task. Lets us know your opinion about ChatBots by writing a comment in a below comment box.

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