An introduction to the future of Chatbots for Business Progress

An introduction to the future of Chatbots for Business Progress

Are you a smart businessperson?

Have you opt out Chatbots for business progress?

Wondering how this will help your business?

If so, then you are on the right place because this article will surely affect your thinking.

Well, before moving on to the content of this article, let me first recall you what a Chatbot is.

A Chatbot is an integrated messaging app where you are able to start an open conversation with a bot. A piece of software which runs in chat interface and interact with customers.   

The Artificial Intelligence is soon going to change the geography of the business world. The rise of Chatbots is one of the examples of that changes. Chatbots are not only used for education purpose but also for the E-commerce.    

Let’s move into the content of this post to brush up your thinking on Chatbots.

Introduction of the Chatbot Strategy

Introduction of the Chatbot Strategy

As I mentioned earlier that from the business point view, Chatbots have the chance to be profitable. One of the obvious opportunity is the replacement of human service representatives. It will reduce the cost of outsourcing for the training of the human representatives, reduce the maintenance of call center. All this only require a large one-time investment and we all know that it’s better to do one-time investment than investing in fractions. It requires small maintenance cost and has a good financial potential.      

It is found many times when the human representatives are asked few question then they hesitate to speak because it is not possible to for them  be active all the time, there Chatbots can replace them. It can be responsible for a healthy discussion between businesspersons and can provide solutions.

Meanwhile, if you need to consider that it should fully replace the human representatives, then they have to be train well enough to talk like a human. Yes, I’m talking about NLP that is Natural Language Processing.

Moreover, we can say that Chatbots are better than human as they don’t forget things once they are taught which is not found in humans. But right now the scenario is that Chatbot is far from replacing humans.

Does this means that Chatbots are over? Obviously No.

The only thing which we should consider is that we have to fix a target for them that is they have to be trained well enough to handle every situation. Moreover, it is only the matter of time, when the time will come they will be accepted.

An Admonition

An Admonition

Sometimes, the need for a human representative arises if some mistakes are made in the app or service design. These mistakes can occur when the user is not clear about something or there are traps or gaps in the application itself, then human representatives are needed. But if the business could tighten up their application and focus on minimum problems and maximum solutions then we can say that Chatbots can replace human fully. To fulfill such demand it is needed to have UX research to determine all possible user’s tasks and problems they encounter.  

Over to You

By reading the above content we can say that the overall automation can be done if we consider the full optimized application which will include least problems and most solutions. This can show you the future of business progress which can be successfully attained with the AI that is Artificial Intelligence.

Hope you can consider the same for your business to grow and take the advantage of AI. If you require more information on Chatbot for business, E-commerce and  education can follow our blog.  

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