Bots: The Growing Demand of Today’s Era

Bots: The Growing Demand of Today’s Era

Nowadays, businesses are all concerned about the messenger bots. Is your business doing the same? If not then I suggest to go for it. As messenger bots are having a major interest in the ongoing social media marketing. If we talk about Facebook messenger then itself it has over one billion monthly users. The main motto of the marketers is to make their reach to those efficient users. For this, they are searching for the new and latest ways.

We always say about the messenger bots. How many of us actually know what are they? I hope for some. Still, define them. We can say that Messenger bots are AI system that responds to the customer’s queries via a message.

Now let’s see how it can help your business.

How can Chatbots help your business?


How can Chatbots help your business?

Bots are available to guide marketing to scale. This means that millions of people now talk about your brand without a human present on the other side. Bots can be used for the various purpose as it is malleable by design. Let’s check out some of the examples.

  • Driving sales: We being a buyer like various products online, right? Considering your previous choices and likes bots can provide you the shoppable look. Which will gain your attention and can inspire you to buy, as it will similar to your choices. It can also deliver coupons for the in-store purchase and the product recommendation.
  • Driving tune-Ins: Now matter where you leave, what is your time-zone. Bots are aware of your time zone and accordingly, it will clink you to tune in and have a look.
  • Drive brand engagement: Many brands nowadays make use of bots to present a branded content similar to the one as are done for any website or as a blog post on the Facebook page.

Chatbot’s effect on social media


Chatbot’s effect on social media

According to the latest research by the Team of The University of Southern California and Indiana University, it was found that about 15% of the Twitter’s active accounts are bots. They are using the strategy of targeting particular groups,artificial retweet, and mentionings. If we talk about the currently active users of Twitter it is listed as 319 million monthly. This means that about 48 million of profiles are bots and not a real human.

But it shouldn’t surprise you. As previously, back in the year 2004 Twitter has to face many questions regarding the prevalence of bots. That at that time they mentioned that the number was about 5% of their global users but if we look at the recent stats then the count has increased a lot.

Let’s just discuss how it is important for the Twitter marketing.

Importance of Bots for Twitter Marketing


Importance of Bots for Twitter Marketing

Well, it totally depends on your use. And it is quite easy to enhance your Twitter number just by following back bots. Perhaps, if you want to follow people with the certain word then can create a bot for the same.

It is always appreciated to have 1K followers on Twitter but if you are having that 1 follower who can get you, appropriate customers are significantly appreciated more and are beneficial too.

If we consider a wide perspective, the presence of bots on Twitter is resulting in a great experience. It helps you in conducting your own user research and handles your marketing engagements.

Helpful Suggestions


  • Try to have a brief analysis of your customers and get the better idea about them like where are they from, their engagements, ages, etc.
  • Go for the keyword monitoring in order to understand your customers better. They will let you know what are the topics they are searching and interested in.
  • In case you feel that your account has many fake followers then you can remove them. And no need to feel guilty as it will then let you know who are your actual followers and this for sure help you to improve and enhance your Twitter data.

Over to you


Hope I was clear on my words to let you know the importance of bots for the growing demand of today’s era.

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