ChatBots: Changing the Stereotype Meaning of Customer Support

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg has revealed the idea of chatbots incorporating with Facebook messengers, the world has been voracious about the same and chatbots are the most engrossing point of discussion among the professionals. I, personally, was mystified with the idea of Facebook promoting a human-bot interaction. But after carefully going through various online journals and seeking the suggestion from some of the best social media experts, I found that this new idea of incorporating chatbots with Facebook messenger will eventually help in changing the meaning of customer support.

Chat Bots

Audiences like a quick response from a service provider. Gone are those days where clients and service providers used to converse using emails and the conversation continues for weeks or even months. Today’s audience believe in real-time engagement with the service provider.

Chat Bots

Incorporating chatbots with Facebook messenger is having two benefits-

1. Interacting with clients on a personal level.

2. Improving real-time engagement with clients.

So how chatbots changing the trends of customer support-

Instant Replies:

Instant replies offer individuals guided experience as they interface with their bot, which helps to set possibilities on what precisely the bot can do. They include about 10 dynamic buttons that transparently adjust to the most recent messages sent by the organizations and business which make simpler to computerize discussions with numerous individuals. Bots offer humble state administration for the designers. There is need of overseeing buttons from few messages prior and mark outline history cleared, by just surveying the specific reactions.


Videos,GIFS, Images:

Build Your Brand entity with using fascinating messages, GIFs and videos to your clients. Presently you can send sound, GIFs, video and other such messages to those individuals who are utilizing bot as a part of your delegate.


Customers regularly get disturbed when associations simply show up at certain particular hours. Customers need that they can contact an association at whatever time or night for help. A chatbot can be that motivation behind contact that can help with general questions to the appropriate system for dealing with a troublesome issue. At whatever time availability showcases the association as being easily accessible for customers.

chat bots

Cost Efficient:

The ordinary cost of planning a fundamental application is to some degree over $7,000. Confounded applications could cost as much as $180,000. While there are no such midpoints available for chatbots, Developers say “it is significantly less costly and less complex to collect a chatbot using any of the chatbot building stages formally open. Most associations require composed chatbots that play out a set number of endeavors, these are entirely simple to outline and abundantly taken a toll productive.


This initiation by Facebook is nothing less than a revolution. This amazing idea will surely help an organization build a healthy relationship with their clients. The best part of the chatbots is that you can see the entire chat and can easily take up from that point of conversation with the clients. As the audience has already become smarter it’s time for the businesses to turn smart with this amazing idea.

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