How Artists Can Use Bots in 2017?

Every artist is busy with their daily schedule. To maintain their fame between the audience, they have to work hard. Bigger fame having more burden of work. To remove that burden they have to keep a number of people who manage their work.

What if one person solves your all problems? Here I indicate a bot as a person. They will manage all your work and you have to only handle one mobile phone to control all activity. The most important thing, it will work 24/7 for you. They don’t need any break like a human.

Bots help you to save your money because purchasing the bots you have to invest one time but hiring humans for the work. You have to give them a monthly salary.

So through this article, I will let you know how as an artist you can use Bots for your different task?

Work Manage by the Bots

As an artist, you know the importance of fans in your life. Because due to them, only you gain success in your life. So it is important for you to make good relationship with your fans by giving them the opportunity to make contact with you. For making contact with your audience Bots are the best medium.

  • Bots help you to notifying fans about the new songs and video.
  • Bots allow your fans to share the audio of your broadcasting show through the message.
  • You can ask your fans to give a rating to your new songs personally through your Bots.
  • Make comment and likes on your fans post which they make on different social media using Bots.

These are the small function of the Bots. But using these your millions of fans can keep interact with you from all around the world.

Tour Announcement by Bots

Nowadays, Fans can get the information about their favorite artists’ shows or where they are coming in a few days by following the links on the social media.

But the important things is not only sharing the ticket links of a concert or telling people about your visit on social media is important to get a huge crowd. Which every artist wants wherever they go.
They how to gain huge crowd for your concert? Don’t worry Bots will rescue you.

Using Bots you can make a personal message to you every follower on social media. This will make them feel more special and remind them always about your upcoming program. Using Bots for sending the personal message is most effective way to gain more attraction of your fans towards you.

Fan Conversion

The conversation between fans and artist can be done on social media sites also. But having one on one interaction between you and your fans would be amazing. This will also help you to know the test of your fans and you can improve your work according to that. This can be done with the help of Bots. Where you can provide them to make short conversation with you.


Bots make your work easier and help your fans to make better interaction with you. Bots will allow your customer to share your message and bring them closer to you. Which is important for any artist. So in this new year roll your work with bots and have made more fun with this Artificial Intelligence.

Rounak Bharadwaj

Hello! I am Rounak Bharadwaj a web content writer specialised in web page content and SEO content. I enjoy to work in the field of online marketing and try to produce writings that users generally enjoy reading.

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