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The visceral bot creator with AI navigation.

The early versions of chatbots were designed based on rules and decision trees. The advanced versions are not only meant for conversational purpose, But they can interact with users in much interactive and organic manner which gives you a feel of chatting with a real human rather than getting automated replies. The user interface are equipped with menus and selectable options as opposed to text based interactions.


The Natural Language Processing System (NLP) prowess the chat bot to recognize keywords and ad hoc phrases during natural conversations. We extensively work with this technology to make our chat bots more conventional and prudent while interacting with real users over multiple platforms.


We make our bots learn and evolve by gaining experience. The power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the key factor through which when our bots are introduced to real people, They elicit the best response and continue to hone the answers they provide. Some bots are designed a step ahead by understanding complex queries, maintaining context while in a conversation, and analyzing sentiments and tone to optimize response.


Our chat bots demonstrate intellectual intelligence and often need sophisticated AI.Representing a brand, A chat bot not only pass the Turing test, but it needs to be effective at conversation commerce rather than making comfortable human conversations.

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Planning to create a Chat Bot for your brand, Keep these points in mind :
Your Chat Bot should serve the purpose

If you are a retailer, Your chat bot should help to purchase goods. Or your chat bot can deliver customer service. Identifying the purpose of chat bots means you know which conversation threads are essential and which are inapplilcable. We design chat bots mainly to serve four purposes : Customer service, Content distribution, Recommendations and Transactions.

Approach towards product

A user interfaces and engages with the content. It should elicit the product opportunities and limitations which can OR cannot be resolved by a Chat Bot. For example, A dropshipping company helping customers to track their deliverables need to provide real time package location data. If this is not technically feasable for the Chat Bot, It should not be added in the interface.

Define the structure

Intended end goal (which can be a transaction or to display a peice of content) should be guided by a purpose driven Chat Bot. How the user will start a conversation and how it will end. Off screen conversaions are also inevitable. A good chat bot can easily navigate through the design and keep the conversations on track.

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