Boost Your Support to the Customers with Chatbots

Offer more friendly customer support services with the virtual assistants
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Make Interactive Conversations

You can make a new interactive experience through Artificial intelligence with your customers. Here, chatbot understands easily the native language used by the customers like: “Hi! hw r u”, bringing the conversation into life.

Provide Reliable Services

It knows the customers’ requirements and gives personalized automated solutions by combining them into different service that provides the accurate information. It holds critical data and perceives different methods for communicating the same things because of its own continually developing dictionary. It understands the mistakes we make while chatting and give more significance to customers’ products and services.

Features that help the Users

NextGen’s chatbots have very advanced features that enhance your services. Just have a look at the features that intrigue you: 1`}` Get the data like contact info regarding company through chatbot rather than doing Google search. 2`}` Wait till you will be provided with professionals 3`}` You can chat through voice commands 4`}` Get the answer to your questions. 5`}` It can able to understand the natural language used by the customers. 6`}` It can do automatic verification of personal data.




Where can you find the Bot?

You can find the bot in the instant messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Hike etc. Nowadays, everyone is using the apps. So, you can make sure you are providing quality services to your users.

Why should you use the Bots?

Generally, when a customer needs a service he needs to call the customer care. He has to wait until he gets through the service representative. Most of the times, your representatives are busy. This causes a great inconvenience to your customers. On the other hand, you need to spare a lot of money on this as you need to hire an employee and provide toll-free services to your users. This is a great burden.

But if you use the bots, your customers need not wait on line. They can easily get the required services. Moreover, you need not hire an employee or provide toll-free services. The bots make all the process so smoother.

How can the User use the Services?

Here, we’re giving a small example of how a user can get a service from the bot:

A customer, Neil, is seeking services from his Wi-Fi service provider and conversing with the bot.

Neil: Hello! I want to know how much amount I need to pay for my broadband this month.

ChatBot: Hello Neil! Your outstanding amount is $30.60 and the due date is 10/06/2016.

Neil: Great, How can I pay my bill?

ChatBot: You can pay it online through internet banking or debit / credit card.

Neil: I would like to change my plan. How to do it?

ChatBot: Fill out this form and submit. Your existing plan will be changed with next billing cycle (sends a link to the form)

Neil: Thank you!

ChatBot: My pleasure!

Here, Mr. Neil interacted with the bot. But, it is like interacting with a human representative. He just opened his messaging app and texted to the bot. He got the required information and service.

One other important thing is, Neil got the direct link to the application form. This is a service which cannot be provided by human representatives.

How can the Bots help the Human Agents?

Customer representatives need to take a lot of information from their customers. This is a routine job which can be programmed. So, with the use of the bots, you can this process automated and can increase the productivity of your human agents. In other ways, the bots won’t make the common mistakes that are made by humans. So, you can get reliable services for your business.

What is the Cost?

It is just ———. And the bot’s services are worth of its cost. We can ensure you ultimate services from our bots for your business. So, why late? Come, join hands with us.