Simplify E-Commerce Deals with Chatbots

Taking e-Commerce to a whole new criterion


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Easy Conversation

Anyone can easily interact with the chatbot...just like interacting with a human being on an instant messaging app, you can text your commands to the bot and it will respond intelligently.

24/7/365 Service

Men want to take a break...but not chatbots… Get 24/7/365 services with great experience…

Fit for your Needs

These bots integrate into your business. You will be able to shop your favourite brands, Book flight tickets, order a pizza or even hail a cab using chat interface. Chat bots are present at the heart of every conversation.




Where can you use the Chatbot?

You can use the chat bots in any of the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram and Facebook Messenger etc.

Why should you use?

Time is very precious now. Every technology unveiled is to save time and give some luxury to the users. E-commerce is the hot trend these days, saving a lot of time to the users. Our chat bots will have real conversations with the customers and respond to requests right in the chat.

How can Customers use the Bots?

The bots can help customers with their shopping. The messaging apps will gain 80 percent growth with global smartphone users by 2018. It’s high time to start experimenting with this platform and interact with users using our customised bots.  The most startling thing about these conversations is that they will be very personal, very human despite their being a robot on one end.

Here you can see a sample conversation between a customer and a bot:

Customer: hello! I want to buy a t-shirt.

Bot: Hi! Can you provide the price range?

Customer: between 1000-1500 bucks.

Bot: Which brand you prefer?

Customer: I’ll prefer Adidas and Jockey.

Bot: What’s your size?

Customer: Check for XL.

Bot: Okay. Okay, let me check.


Bot: I got 5 results based on your preference. 3 Adidas and 2 Jockey

Customer: add the Adidas in my cart, all three

Bot: Okay.

Once the customer is satisfied with the selection, he/she can buy the t-shirt from the cart.

In this conversation, the bot just seems like a human being. You can talk freely with that bot and it can understand all your needs.

How Businesses can use the Bots?

There are some routine jobs like data entry and collecting data from the users. For such tasks, you can effectively use the bots. So, you can save time and money on manpower.

What is the cost?

Get a chatbot developed with a affordable price depending upon your requirement. Share the specifications with us and we will get back to you with a detailed price quotation along with estimated time of development.