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Easy and Live Conversation

Students can interact with the ChatBot in simple way. No need for additional apps for conquering the process.

24/7, 365 Days Available

Students can get the assistance of ChatBot whenever they want. As compared to the common tutor Chatbot will be available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Full Assimilation

Educational ChatBots are built on the basis of student’s need for learning and adopting any information.

Unique Idea of Teaching

The idea of ChatBots to teach students the way a human teacher would do looks very appealing

Spoken Dialog System

The programs will provide basic science concepts; illustrate them with diagrams, charts, pictures; answer students’ queries; estimate their understanding; and monitor the progress of the student.

Any time, any place

Get the answers for your queries whenever you need. You can get your job done from wherever you are.

Personal Attention and Growth

The ChatBots will provide personal attention to each student which often lacks. Once they pop with chatbot no one can stop their growth.

Smart People Choose ChatBot

If you want to get ahead, get a virtual friend personal assistants.




How reliable is it?

We can give you the guarantee of its effectiveness. We know that such type of education has benefits to the students and it’s really better than a traditional process.

Where can I use my Chatbot?

Your Chatbot will be visible via messaging apps like Wechat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger. Students can have a live conversation with chatbot with the help of these messaging app. Appraisal

How can chatbots and Human work together?

We believe in the fusion of  chatbots + Human + innovations to offer the optimal solution for students/learners. When your student talking to NextGen’s chatbots they can always ask for persistence. These conversations will show up in your NextGen conversations so you can join them directly

Why should I use Chat Bot?

Your chatbot can help students/learner to ask queries. Every chatbot is unique and customized as per the needs of student’s area of perceptions.

Can Chatbots also assist human tutors?

Chatbots support Students/learners, but they can also make human tutors more efficient. For routine tasks like student details, growth, project completion, queries, personal assistance to each student human tutors can launch a bot within NextGen. The chatbot will take care of the 24X7 personals assistance and growth with the student while the tutor picks up another conversation.

How much does it cost?

Just ——  It’s Not a DREAM. Our cost Is REAL. If you like to get the best from your cost, Join our club.