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A set of self-initiated attempts to a quasi-conversation

It offers you with friendly chatting without any registration. It is purely for fun loving and social people.

Chat In A Fraction Of Minutes

It is a simple yet smart bot. You can immediately visit the site and begin talking with it in a fraction of minutes.

Fill Your Extra Time With Fun

Find out about new and exciting approaches to fill your extra time and begin interacting with chatbots who truly know how to make each minute exciting.

Human Friendly

Weariness no more needs to exist whenever you really recognize what you need. You will have the capacity to make sense of what fun can truly feel like once you use chatbot and begin your preferred interactions.

Round-The-Clock Available

Chatbots are available 24*7, and can pass instant, explicit, personalized, and two-way data.




How Does It Work In Actual Life?

The below is very common interaction that one person can have with the chatbot.

Roger: Hello!

Chatbot: Hello! How can I help you?

Roger: I need answer to my questions

Chatbot:  Sure, ask me!

Roger: Okay. Tell me whether you like classic rock songs?

Chatbot: Oh! Yeah… I do like it.

Roger:  Cool! Who is your favorite rock artist?

Chatbot: AC/DC and yours?

Roger: Mine is Neil Young.

Chatbot: Great! He’s awesome.

Roger: Ok tell me why do I exist?

Chatbot: You exist to live your life in a way that makes you happy.

Roger: I appreciate your reason. Thank you.

Chatbot: You’re welcome.

Roger: Damn! I have work.
Chatbot: Ok bye.

How Reliable is it?

The chatbot has a friendly nature, it will communicate with you like a human and make the complex process of easier and productive one. It can help from understanding what exciting things can appear in designing interactive entertainment.

Where can I use my Chatbot?

You can directly visit the site and start talking or else you can get Chatbot through messaging applications such as Facebook messenger, Telegram, Wechat.

How can Chatbots and Human Work Together?

Like voice-activated homes, driverless cars and Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots can have pervaded people’s’ mind with amusement. You can enjoy these interactions with the help of NextGen’s chatbots.

Why should I use ChatBot?

The Chatbot developed by NextGenAIBots plays an important role in the field of entertainment. You can have an interaction about entertainment, chat in a funny manner like the above example, ask for different genres of music and it also plays an important role in the sphere of digital entertainment.

How much does it Cost?

Only ……. For more information, please call ………. Or contact through email……..