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Dramatic Cost Reduction

Chat Bots allow business to reduce their expenses and help the customers just like normal human representatives.

Significantly Increase Your Sales

Chat Bots provide an immediate walk through a sale to the Customers by eliminating their extra time for searching a product.

24/7, 365 Days Available

Your customers can get intelligent assistance over the products and services even if none of your personnel is available for the support.

Get an Edge Over Your Competitors

Live chat section provides a great deal of advantage in connecting with customers. It is the best Solution to the organizations striving for excellent client support.

Easily Understand The Needs Of Customers

Live Chat Bots Provide a Great Means To Understand the Customer's requirements. Live Chats Makes Things Reliable and Worthy. Customers Can Easily Clear Their Queries on Any Products, Services or Any Offerings.




How will it work in real life?

                                            Request a Demo

Here is an example of a client conversing with a chatbot to clear her queries on a certain product:

Erica: Howdy Mr. bot?

Bot: Hi Erica!!!

Erica: I wanted to Know the Specifications of Your Facebook Marketing Software?

Bot: Please Allow me a Second.

Bot: Here is a detailed description of our Software:

> Warm up your accounts with Account farming feature.

> Add targeted friends with many filters to choose from like location,gender etc

> Scrape and post on fan pages in your niche

> Engage your friends by posting catchy images and contents

> Create and invite your friend to an event

> Send messages to your friends or custom list.

> Find and join groups in your niche.

> Auto invite friends to your groups.

> Auto-Tag your friends in pictures.

> Mass Download images from fan pages or profiles.

> Scrape Fan page, Events, Groups to get targeted users for your campaigns.

> Powerful scheduler to schedule activities for months in advance or daily tasks.

> Multithreaded and Proxy support

> In House 24/7 Support

Erica: Great, Can You Please Explain How Does it Manage Multiple Proxy at A Single Time?

Bot: Yes.

How reliable is it?

Chat bots are a rudimentary form of artificial intelligence that can converse with humans or simply natter in as lifelike manner as possible. Combining pre-set scripts and deep learning neural networks, bots can predict an accurate response to a question or statement in a way that skips phases of conversations to mimic regular chat.

Where can I use my Chatbot?

Our chat bots can be used with instant messaging apps like Telegram, Slack, Whatsapp, Wechat and Facebook messenger

How can chatbots and Human work together?

Our Prime objective is to infuse the human intelligence with artificial intelligence. You will be continuously having a look at the chats of your chat bots and can intervene at any point of time whenever you feel so.

Why should I use Chat Bot?

The ChatBot can help you widen your client base and provide a premium quality of client support which can easily enhance your sales and traffic at your retail websites.

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