Who are using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Marketing Strategies ?

Who are using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Marketing Strategies ?

Nowadays, every big branded company are using artificial intelligence to enhance their strategies. AI just don’t reduce the human efforts rather it add some more automation features to the gadget which makes the product more user-friendly. The small companies are not only using artificial intelligence to manage the small manpower, even big brands are implementing it as they need perfection in their work.

Recently almost all big companies are using AI to run the business as without zero error it can maintain huge data, result in the best output and the most important thing is, it assures cent percent security and keeps the marketing strategies secret. As per experts, it is better to automate your business as it takes less time, gives efficient result and assures the quality of end product.

Companies using traditional methods for business

So, if you are planning to start-up your own business and you don’t have much budget to spend on hiring manpower you can automate it with artificial intelligence. Once you automate it, you need not have to spend time on training employees and it gives you a consistent output with quality assurance. Hence, a small entrepreneur can start their business with nextgenaibot which can manage any type of business in an automated way.

Nextgenaibot supports a variety of business like managing CRM, starting own publishing or blogging site, running an e-commerce site and much more. All these activities are managed by this artificial intelligence without bothering an entrepreneur to follow strategies, hire skilled people and maintain the quality of the product.

Nextgenaibot automates business

Let’s see now which big brands are using AI for easy and accurate business. Though there a long list of companies using AI to automate their business, but a mentioning only those leading companies from the different background.



Well, I don’t think so I need to explain what does Google do. Recently, Google has revealed that to maintain huge data with perfection they are using AI. Whatever features we are using Google drive to save and retrieve data it’s all done with automation, because to manage tons of data with manual effort won’t assures fast accessibility and accuracy.

Even the latest chat app of Google i.e., ALLO, its all features are based upon artificial intelligence. Unlike any other chat app features its feature are automated one which makes it unique, user-friendly and maintains security.



This company is in nowadays in headlines because it has gone beyond artificial intelligence and used cognitive technology in their business. This can think and analyze situation just like a human. The company is said this product can be utilized in for medical purpose for diagnosing diseases , stop cyber crime and almost replace human efforts.

companies using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Marketing Strategies



Facebook uses demographics of its audiences and targets them using artificial intelligence. It has some building system which helps to give the content in which people are actually interested in. Moreover, Facebook uses AI to improve its Google search engines and all the interesting apps that Facebook offers based on eve all done with automation tools.  



It was the first e-commerce business site to automate their business with AI and that factor has made it a leading online marketing site. Amazon uses some algorithm which predicts products prices and recommends audiences to buy. It can even predict the audience’s choices based on previous searches, all these smart features making Amazon the best marketing site.

Final Words:

I believe after going through this blog, you have got a fair idea how Ai is changing the style of marketing. With AI, you can start your business within few minutes without following any strategies, hiring employees and spending huge budget. To know more about AI features to boost up marketing follow our latest blogs.


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