Why Artificial Intelligence are used in Social Media?

Why Artificial Intelligence are used in Social Media?

After reading the title, you must think why would a common man use Artificial Intelligence to automate their social media accounts. Actually, there is no point for which common people should do it, but a marketer or business person need it. As business person don’t want to compromise with their work and trust more to machine as compared to human so, they choose Artificial Intelligence.

Now, the question arises why to marketers trust Artificial Intelligence while using social media. First of all, marketers use social media sites primarily to socialize their product and boost up marketing strategies. Instead of hiring employees to manage their social media business page, nowadays they are preferring artificial intelligence. Because the work quality it delivers is perfect, with cent percent accuracy and within short time frame.

multitasking AI

Moreover, at a time this AI can perform multiple tasks simultaneously maintaining excellence. Another reason for which marketers are eagerly using for social media marketing is, AI is adaptive that means they can help the product to personalized based on previous suggestion or previous engagements. They can analyze various performance report, compare with your marketing competitors and enhance the visibility of your business pages. It’s not like that AI will do all task of its own and not follow marketers command. It will improve performance as per marketers advice and without taking much time it will start implementing on it.

As marketers are too smart and don’t want to invest much to keep their social account active, hence, they automate with AI. This will be just one-time investment and avail services for a long time. AI can be available for 24/7 services which is not possible for a human.

available for 24/7 services

Social media sites are more dependent on AI because they have to maintain a huge data inaccuracy and delivering a quick response. All popular social media sites are taking the help of robot as they feel confident and able to provide the best service.

Which Social Media Sites Are using AI?



Facebook was the first social media site to start using this, mainly it uses to detect the algorithm to find friends or suitable groups as per user’s profile information. It also helps to predict new trending hashtags and even tag friends while posting update or images.


Almost all the new features which are offered by Facebook are done by robots. Even Facebook owner says with help of AI they are making better services. Without them, it would be impossible to generate and maintain data of over 800 million users in the just fraction of second without any error.


We all know that LinkedIn is a professional site which is used for growing connection. So here how AI is used? Since users mainly use LinkedIn to find jobs and expect to get the most suitable job as per their profile information. This activity is done by AI only, matching profile detail and suggesting jobs to users.

LinkedIn using AI

A deep analysis is made by AI with a program which assigns a bright score that shorts the quality of the match between the posting and candidate’s profile.


Pinterest is a great platform for e-commerce marketers as it recommends product as per pinned content. This is completely done by AI only, moreover, it recommends users all the personalized pins by following a particular model.

Pinterest also added many features like, suggesting similar boards, boost particular pin and also detect spam user or content. After upgrading all these features only, Pinterest became more popular and user-friendly social media site.


Google is using AI

Though Google is not a social media site, still marketer always wants to know the way it works. Recently, Google has announced that it is using artificial intelligence to maintain Google drive, docs, sheets, slides and calendar. Maintaining such bulk data with manual effort is impossible that’s why they use AI and the  quality of service it is provides us is just incredible.

Final Words:

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